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How to Create a General Discount and Clearance Sale
How to Create a General Discount and Clearance Sale

A step-by-step guide to running a general discount campaign

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General discount and Clearance Sale Campaigns are widely used to attract customers and enhance sales. You can encourage customers to make purchases and reduce surplus inventory by providing discounts as a percentage or a fixed amount. You can follow these steps to create a General Discount Campaign:

  1. Click the "Create campaign" button from the home or campaign page.


2. Choose the "General discount" type.

3. Set the "discount value".

When choosing a percentage-based discount, determine the percentage reduction you wish to offer. For example, you can offer a 10% discount on all products or services included in the sale. Alternatively, if you prefer a fixed amount discount, decide on the specific amount that customers will save. For instance, you might set a $10 discount on select items.

4. Customize the "cents".

To maintain a consistent appearance for your discounted prices, you have the option to set predefined decimals for your final prices. For example, you may choose to have all your discounted prices end in '0.99'. This ensures a uniform look across your products during the sale.

5. Configure the price change.

You have the option to choose from four different options, each with a distinct impact on the "price" and "compare at price" fields of your products in the Shopify admin panel.

If you need more information about "configure the price option," Please click here.

6. Select the “Eligible products.”

7. “Schedule” your

general discount campaign.]

Specify the campaign's start and end times. You can also opt to initiate your campaign instantly and/or choose not to specify an end date, in which case the campaign will stay active until you manually deactivate it.

8. Campaign countdown activation

To activate the countdown widget, please customize your theme and choose countdown in the product page settings or visit the widget page and click enable countdown.

9. Give your campaign a “name.”

10. "Save" your general discount campaign.

Now, you can save your general discount campaign. You can save it as a draft or run the campaign now.

11. Congratulations!

Your general discount campaign has been successfully established using Discount Prime. You can edit the campaign whenever you want.

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