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How to Create a Quantity Discount Sale
How to Create a Quantity Discount Sale

A step-by-step guide to running a quantity discount campaign

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Aim to motivate customers to buy more by providing discounts dependent on the number of items they purchase. This campaign allows you to establish various discount levels based on the quantity of items. Set min or min & max purchase requirements for each tier. Set min or min & max purchase requirements for each tier. You can follow these steps to create a volume discount campaign:

  1. Click the "Create campaign" button from the home or campaign page.


2. Choose the "Quantity discount" type.

3. Apply the "discount tiers."

Now, let's set the discount tiers. Apply various tiers based on the quantity, indicating the minimum (or minimum & maximum) quantity of items for each tier. Assign a discount value for each tier, whether a percentage or a fixed amount. Consider providing more significant discounts for higher tiers to encourage customers to buy more items with increasing incentives.

4. Set the "Apply minimum requirements to."

Next, you can decide whether to enforce the minimum requirements for all items in the cart as a whole or for each item separately. Collectively, applying the requirements means customers must meet the minimum quantity of items across all items in their cart. Conversely, using the requirements individually means that each item must meet the minimum criteria. This choice impacts how customers can combine different items to be eligible for the discounts.

Please remember that these options only pertain to the products chosen for the campaign.

5. Select the “Eligible products.”

6. “Schedule” your quantity discount campaign.

Specify the campaign's start and end times. You can also opt to initiate your campaign instantly and/or choose not to specify an end date, in which case the campaign will stay active until you manually deactivate it.

7. Campaign countdown activation

To activate the countdown widget, please customize your theme and choose countdown in the product page settings or visit the widget page and click enable countdown.

8. Give your campaign a “name.”

9. "Save" your quantity discount campaign.

Now, you can save your quantity discount campaign. You can save it as a draft or run the campaign now.

11. Congratulations!

Your quantity discount campaign has been successfully established using Discount Prime. You can edit the campaign whenever you want.

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