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Using Discount Prime Widgets with Your Shopify Theme (by App Embed, App Block, or Script)
Using Discount Prime Widgets with Your Shopify Theme (by App Embed, App Block, or Script)

Compatible themes with our app and how to use our widgets on your online store theme

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At Discount Prime, we understand that each Shopify store has its unique theme, and we aim to provide a seamless experience for all users. Our app offers two powerful widgets to enhance your product and cart pages, allowing you to offer attractive discounts and promotions to your customers.

This guide will help you navigate the different scenarios you might encounter when using Discount Prime with your Shopify theme. Our theme extensions are compatible with the most used Shopify themes.

If you do not know your theme name, please watch this video on how to find out your store theme name:

Table of Theme Compatibility

Please look at the following table to help you determine your theme's compatibility with our widgets.

If your theme is outside the table, please let us know to solve the issue.

Our technical support team will be able to help you.

We'll make sure to give you detailed instructions on how to use our widgets as we can. Let's get started!

As you see in the table, there are different ways to add our app widgets to your online store. Based on your theme, you can choose one and add it easily. In the articles below, you can find out how to add widgets to your store:

  • App Embed

You can easily add widgets with "App Embed" to your theme. Please watch this video:

  • App Block

You can easily add widgets with "App Block" to your theme. Please watch this video:

If your theme falls under the "Script Required" category, follow the steps below to integrate our widgets seamlessly.

  • Using the Script

Sometimes, your theme might not support app blocks or embeds. Don't worry; we've got you covered with a script that you can add to your theme's code. Follow these steps or contact our technical support:

Step 1: Copy your theme script

  • Go to the "Widgets" page of the Discount Prime app.

  • You can select your theme from the list.

  • Click the "Script" button.

  • Choose the "Product Page" or "Cart Page" script.

  • Copy the script.

Step 2: Access the theme's code

  • Go to "Online Store" and " Themes " from the Shopify admin dashboard."

  • Locate your current theme and click "..." next to "Customize."

  • Then, click "Edit code."

Step 3: Paste the copied script

  • Please add the copied script to the proper placement of the theme's code. If you are not an expert, chat with us or email our technical support team. We can guide you on how and where you must add the script.

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