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How to Create an "Discount on Order" Campaign
How to Create an "Discount on Order" Campaign

A step-by-step guide to running a Discount On Order campaign

Updated over a week ago

The “Discount on Order” allows you to extend targeted discounts directly to your customers’ carts. You can create this campaign according to market demands or your marketing strategies. This feature, alongside our previous bulk, volume, or quantity-based discount campaigns, further enriches your promotional toolkit.

You can follow these steps to create an "Order Discount" campaign:

1. Click the "Create campaign" button from the home or campaign page.

2. Give your campaign a "name."

3. Select your discount campaign's "Order Discount" type.

4. Combination with other campaigns:

You can combine this campaign with other campaigns. But it is better to check it before saving since some combinations may result in a significant discount.

5. Set the "Minimum purchase requirements".

It would be best if you defined the minimum criteria customers must meet to be eligible for the discounts. You have two choices: specify a “minimum quantity of items" to add to the cart or establish a "minimum purchase amount." This requirement is a threshold that customers must reach to access the discounted prices.

6. Apply the "discount tiers."

Now, let's set the discount tiers. Apply various tiers based on the quantity or volume, indicating the maximum/minimum or only minimum quantity of items or purchase amount for tiers. Assign a discount value for tiers, whether a percentage or a fixed amount. Consider adding Maximum to tiers, encouraging customers to buy more items or amounts, and boosting your sales.

7. “Schedule” your Order Discount campaign.

Specify the campaign's start and end times. You can also opt to initiate your campaign instantly or choose not to specify an end date, in which case the campaign will stay active until you manually deactivate it.

8. Review your order campaign's "Summary" section.

Within the "Summary" section, you can see detailed information on your Order Discount campaign.

9. Review the "Discount Preview" section.

Within the "Discount Preview" section, you can see a preview of how the prices will appear.

10. "Save" your order discount campaign.

Now, you can save your Order Discount campaign. If you schedule your campaign to run immediately, you will activate the campaign.

11. Congratulations!

Your Order Discount campaign has been successfully established using Discount Prime. You can edit the campaign whenever you want.

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