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  • How many products and variants should I have to take advantage of Discount Prime?

Discount Prime is designed for merchants of varying scales, ranging from those with a limited number of products or recently established to others with an extensive array of offerings totaling in the thousands.

  • What is the typical duration for a campaign to transition into an "active" or "inactive" state?

Approximately 250 to 600 variants per 1 minute

The time it takes for a campaign to become active or inactive is determined by the number of product variants associated with it. When a campaign starts, it automatically adjusts each variant separately to implement the designated discount on its price. Likewise, when a campaign is deactivated, it updates each variant to reset them to their initial prices. Based on your network connection speed, these updates typically take approximately 250 to 600 variants per 1 minute.

  • Can I add the same product to two different campaigns? If I do that, will it be discounted twice?

Yes, for the first question.

No, for the next one.

The product will receive a discount from only one campaign, precisely the first one that started. Once the second campaign is initiated, the products will be automatically excluded, irrespective of whether they align with the product filters designated for that campaign. Upon the activation of the second campaign, you will be sent an email detailing the products that have been excluded. This mechanism guarantees that a single product is not concurrently subjected to multiple discounts.

  • What should I do if I activate a campaign and then decide to edit it?

Modifying active campaigns is not possible directly. Should you require adjustments to an ongoing campaign, please adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Deactivate the currently active campaign.

  2. Implement the necessary modifications to the campaign.

  3. Reactivate the campaign to ensure the updated changes take effect.

  • When can I edit my campaign?

You have the flexibility to make changes to campaigns that are marked as "inactive", "scheduled", or in need of an "upgrade". However, it's important to note that campaigns with the "active" or "expired" status cannot be modified. Furthermore, campaigns cannot undergo edits currently in the "processing" or "operating" modes.

  • How can I effectively use the trial duration offered for the paid plans?

Except for the Free plan, Each other Discount Prime plan has a 14-day complimentary trial. Please be aware that you will incur charges for your chosen plan once this trial period ends. So that you know, the trial duration is available for each particular plan only on a single occasion. If you upgrade to a paid plan, switch to a different option, and then return to the original plan, the trial period won't be granted again.

Before committing to the paid subscription, please make the most of this trial period to evaluate the plan, ensuring it fits your needs entirely.

  • What's the typical response time for support inquiries?

We make every effort to offer rapid aid and target response. Our support team is committed to quickly addressing your questions and concerns.

Please remember that customers on our Ultimate plan receive priority support during busier periods. However, please don't worry- we hold all users, including those on our free plan, in high regard and are committed to helping everyone immediately. We have a ticket support system for all users, so when you send a ticket to our support team based on the ticket type and your plan, we'll make sure to answer you as soon as possible.

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