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prevent combination with Shopify discounts
prevent combination with Shopify discounts
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Discount Prime provides a feature that helps you prevent conflicts between your Shopify store's default discounts and the discounts you set up within Discount Prime campaigns. When you enable this option, it ensures that only the discounts you create using Discounty are applied to eligible products. This way, you can avoid overlapping or conflicting discounts and create a seamless and consistent discount experience for your customers.

It's important to note that this option applies explicitly to Shopify's "amount-off products" discounts. Additionally, for this prevention feature to work, the collections selected for your Discount Prime campaign must match those associated with the discount created in Shopify.

To activate this feature, you can follow the steps:

  1. open the "Settings" page of the Discount Prime app.

  2. click "Prevent combination with Shopify discounts" to activate the feature.

Enabling this option deactivates Shopify's "amount-off products" discounts effectively, including both automatic discounts and discount codes for products included in your active Discount Prime campaigns. By doing so, you gain complete control over the discounts offered through Discount Prime, ensuring they always take precedence and allowing you to implement a customized discount strategy for your store.

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