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Configuration of Price Changes
Configuration of Price Changes

Different options for applying your discount and displaying it to customers

Updated over a week ago

The "different price configurations" feature in Discount Prime enables you to tailor the way discounts are implemented on your products, taking into account their current "price" and "compare at price" values. You have four choices available to you:

1. "Price" is discounted, and "compare at price" is replaced by the original price. (Recommended)

This option reduces the products' prices, and the updated discounted prices are configured. The initial "price" is placed in the "Compare at price" field. In your store, the original prices will be crossed out, and the new prices will be displayed alongside them, following your theme settings.

2. Only the "price" is discounted.

With this option, the products' prices are reduced, and the reduced amount becomes the new product price. However, the previous "price" is not replaced in the "Compare at price" field. If a product doesn't have a "Compare at price" set, the "Compare at price" field remains empty after the campaign is executed, resulting in the discounted price not being displayed with a strikethrough over the original price in the store. Only the new price will be displayed as the primary price.

You can tick the checkbox at the bottom to showcase the discounted prices for these products in your store.

3. "price" and "compare at price" are discounted.

This option applies the discount to both the product price and the "Compare at price". The previous "Compare at price" of the product is discounted, and the discounted amount replaces the previous value. Therefore, if a product doesn't have a "Compare at price" set, the "Compare at price" field will remain empty after the discount is applied unless the checkbox at the bottom is selected to apply Option 1 for these products.

4. "Compare at price" is discounted and filled in the "price" field.

With this option, the product's existing "Compare at price" is reduced, and the discounted amount takes the place of the value in the product "price" field. If a product lacks a "Compare at price" setting, it won't receive a discount unless you choose to apply Option 1 for these products by checking the checkbox at the bottom.

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